Basic Info

NAME: Luther (Lufer, Ratthew)

BORN: March 13, 2020
DIED: May 5, 2022 (2 yrs 1 month)

WEIGHT: 745g



TYPE: Satin blue-agouti dumbo marten

ABOUT: Luther was the grandpa of the pack. He loved being pet, and boggled all the time. Napping, watching television and lounging on his rump like a lazy old guy were some of his favorite activities. He also was very picky about bedding and cage furniture. He was always pushing iglooos aside, buried food bowls, and meticulously threw away soft bedding (which he hated with a passion.) Luther was a very particular gentleman and he hated to get his paws (hands?) wet, gooey, or dirty. Whenever he got a piece of overripe banana he would furiously shake and wipe the goo off his hands before daintily eating it from the ground. Overall, a very sweet and sleepy old man who wanted nothing more than to nap and be scritched. Luther was my close companion and friend. He was a wonderful little boy, and he made me fall in love with rats.


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