Basic Info

NAME: Rumpelstiltskin (Rumple)

BIRTHDATE: December 23, 2020


FAVORITE TOY: JW tip and treat forager

TYPE: Russian blue dumbo variberk rex

ABOUT: Rumple has grown into such a rambunctious rat. He loves to wrestle with my hand, and always popcorns around excitedly. While he does like to explore, he also loves to laze around with me. Rumple has a knack for figuring out foraging toys (unlike his brother haha). He may not be the most graceful, but he is beautiful and clever.


Little Rumple loves to explore! Friendly and confident this lad is always begging to be let out to perch on my shoulder. He is a bit nibbly and always tries to chew my fingernails, socks, and shirts. He's both sweet and full of adventurous spirit. His favorite place to nap is the log hammock.

1/8/23 Rumple’s so smart. They’re both very overweight, so I’ve started limiting and scatter feeding and offering foraging toys. I only have the little bird one right now that tips over. Rumple is a very smart little rat and he figures it out each time. Sasha is not so smart. He sniffs it and waits for Rumple to dump the food before stealing some.

1/10/23 Today we’re reducing the feed to 25g a day (instead of 30g). During free range today, we played on the stairs for a long time, but I got tired and set up my bed. Rumple slept beside me and kept bruxing

1/13/23 Today was the second day of trying to get them to swim. Rumple was terrified of the water yesterday. I did not try to force either of them to go into it. Today he was more willing to test it out. He stuck his nose and arms in the water a bit so that he could look for peas too.