Basic Info

NAME: Sasha (Sash)

BIRTHDATE: December 23, 2020


FAVORITE TOY: PVC foraging toy

TYPE: Russian blue dumbo silvermane

ABOUT: Sasha remains a rascal, but he is also a sweetheart. He is full of energy and what he lacks in brainpower he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. He is a very confident rat who loves nothing more than going places he's not allowed to go. I love this boy, he's such a little munchkin.


Sasha is such a pretty rascal. He loves wrestling and is always zooming around. He has a bad habit of trying to launch himself out of his cage, my hands, and off tables. Wherever Sasha goes, trouble follows. He's extremely sweet though, while free-roaming he routinely hops over to me for a quick pet.

1/6/23 After grooming, Sasha always wipes his hands off. He loves to be clean.

1/8/23 They’re both very overweight, so I’ve started limiting and scatter feeding and offering foraging toys. I only have the little bird one right now that tips over. Rumple is a very smart little rat and he figures it out each time. Sasha is not so smart. He sniffs it and waits for Rumple to dump the food before stealing some.

1/10/23 Today we’re reducing the feed to 25g a day (instead of 30g). During free range today, we played on the stairs for a long time, but I got tired and set up my bed. It was so cute cause Sasha fell asleep right next to my head.

1/13/23 Today was the second day of trying to get them to swim. Sasha is more trusting of the water, and went in it fully yesterday, but he doesn’t like it and would rather not get wet. He was however willing to snorkel a bit for peas.